Meganissi is a secret paradise located only 4 miles from Lefkada. The island is full of trees and is part of the complex of islands formed together with Madouri, Thilia, Sparti, Scorpidi and Aristotle Onasis’ private island of Scorpios. Visitors can discover the beautiful scenery of Mediterranean trees merging with crystal water and small villages growing in the most picturesque places. In spite of its rare beauty, Meganissi has somehow escaped the vast touristic development of other locations.

The island has three main villages. Spartochori stands on the top of the island, where one has the opportunity to enjoy the lovely view to the bay of Spilia. Notice the unique way the village grows among numerous alleys creating extraordinary scenery. Katomeri is another traditional village, filled with small shops and original atmosphere. Vathi is a small village that embraces the shore. In the summertime many sailing boats gather here to find supplies and a good rest from the more frequented places of the Ionian.

In spite of its small size, Meganissi offers a variety of beaches like Ai Yannis, Spilia, Fanari, Atherinos and Limonari. A famous historical location is the cave of Papanikolis, where a Greek submarine that carried this name used to find a hideaway during World War II. Another unique location is the Northern side of the island where the coastline plays around with the sea, creating a Fiord-like scenery.

Meganissi is a well-kept secret of the Ionian, a perfect destination for those who seek the calm of the traditional island life, surrounded by original warm people.